Why people use ChatBots?

I know that this could be a stupid question, but I’m starting using chatbot and I’m wondering why people should prefer chatbots instead of search the info from the web.

Right I’m having only an answer: people are spending so much time on instant message tool (telegram, whatsapp, …) and are lazy. Instead of search on web the info they needed, they use want to ask for them by a message on a chat.

Is it correct? I’m sure that there is something more that I’m missing.


In my experience it is easier to ask a computer than navigate it, not only does it save time but it is also our natural way of interacting with other people. On a different note, consumers are experiencing App fatigue, and people are spending more time in Chatapps than on Social Media nowadays (like you’ve pointed out). It is so much easier to have all the ‘Apps’ you need on a chat platform you’re already using without having to download new crap and be disappointed about it.

Convenience. I can ask Alexa to turn on my lights quicker than any other method, whatsapp etc is quicker than firing up a rarely used bespoke app and remembering how to use it.

In addition to convenience, there is lower development cost for a chatbot: no time and money needs to be spent on layout and custom programming. And maybe more developers will come up with striking chatbot usecases like this: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-39013950

Please provide at least one example of the bot that really can understand your question. I’m looking for good bots and can’t find anything. I’m not talking about bots that just have a set of questions to figure out what your problem is. I’m talking about bots that YOU ask them to help or find something.

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I think you’ve replied to the wrong comment? Because I didn’t ask a question here, anyways no problem… The best bot that I have used so far is the KLM Bot (already posted it in another thread as well)


Not only does it give status updates or provide you with a boarding pass, you could also use it to communicate with KLM regarding your flight (e.g. change seat).

I think you’ve replied to the wrong comment?

Why do you think so? My question was exactly for you :slight_smile:
You said:

And my question was - is it really true? For example if you want to find a answer to some question, or to solve a problem, is it really easier for you to ask computer than use internet? I just can’t believe in it.

I think that is misleading. It is NOT cheaper to build a good bot. While there is no GUI to worry about, there is tons of CUI (Conversational UI) to worry about - and that one is not trivial!

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Google’s reach ends at an enterprise’s firewall. Meaning: you can’t search the web for finding your utility bill, checking on the status of an order or an insurance claim, etc. In a nutshell: bots are great for customer service use cases. Why? Because everything starts with a question in your mind: “Where is my order?”, “What’s my balance”, etc. And a bot lets you type it in and off you go, vs the Web, which makes you take your question and convert it to menu items in deeply nested menus…

Great question, my experience so far has been chatbots provide a great channel of conversation that search does not.

A great example of where a chatbot with AI would exceed and get you to an outcome a lot faster. Try googling “pictures of animals but not lions :lion:

Alternatively if you say that to a chatbot powered with AI (apologies for bias but take IBM Watson :+1:t2::roll_eyes:) the intent of what you are actually trying to achieve is understood and thus the outcome is so much better.

Also much debate around this point, I’ve certainly seen users opening up and being more honest than they would with traceable search history. Something that I believe is a huge shift in interaction.

Plain text has been the ultimate backbone for stitching computing components and ‘skills’ together for decades. Just as a *nix hacker can do things in seconds at a Bash prompt that your average Windows office worker couldn’t do in hours, so to can a chatbot allow us to realize the promise of so-called “mashups” - wiring discrete APIs together to do fun stuff.

We use a plaintext chatbot in a chat room and we send it goofy commands and it does useful or entertaining stuff. Most of the functionality is leveraging 3rd party APIs we don’t control or even pay for. What’s not to love? The plaintext interface allows neophyte devs to get on board without having to be programming wizards. Adding one more ‘skill’ is not hard but it improves the capability of the entire system.

Sorry I misunderstood :slight_smile: I can only give you my opinion I am afraid. Personally I think it depends on the situation, how many times do people search for Mel Gibson in order to get a compiled list of movies he starred in? A common path would be:

Go to Google -> Search for Mel Gibson -> Click on Wikipedia (or any other site) -> read the list

if the user could only ask the bot: Which movies did Mel Gibson star in? and the bot returns the exact same list, it could eliminate a couple of steps.

But I would have to agree that it would be rather difficult to perform desk research on a certain topic using a Chatbot. Also, we would have to note that the technology hasn’t matured yet and that the possibilities today are still limited. Only dreamers can push this technology using creativity to solve current and future problems using Bots, and hopefully advance both possibilities and adoption.

Agree, good CUI takes a ton of work.