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Why AI is not right for your chatbot

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pass along a blog post I recently authored related to AI and Chatbots. Thought it might be interesting to some people here.

Why AI is not right for your chatbot

Let me know your thoughts.


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Hey Aaron,

Great point and that’s what we have been saying and working on for past 1 year at

Thanks Vinit - Glad you found it interesting.

Hi Vinit, in the argument it says AI is not ready for consumer products, which is true 10 years ago.
I would argue if you take a look at vigorous AI market, especially NLP and Machine Learning, it helps to empower people to ask unbounded questions and AI can understand it. Moreover, in order to outcompete others in the competitive software market in the near future, I would say you need to use NLP and Machine Learning to be the best player.

“AI” is a funny technology. It seems that “real AI” is always just arou8nd the corner, whether it was the perceptron model from 60 years ago, Don Specht’s original work at Stanford that provided the theoretical basis for neural nets, AI has continued to be be “that thing” that we don’t yet understand why and how it works.The ironic twist on AI us that once the algorithms are well understood they enter into the mainstream of computer science and thus exit the world of AI.