Who's going to start the first chatbot review site/page/discussion/platform?

Remember when you and your team would work tirelessly on an app … only for it to be denied by the Apple app store? :unamused:

Who’s monitoring bots like Apple does with apps? Who’s out there writing reviews? There’s a great topic that came up earlier on Chatbot News about what your favorite bot is and most seem underwhelmed at the moment. Alas, the future is bright!

Botlist is of course a great resource. They are poised to be the best option to start a review section. I’m curious why didn’t they add a review section to begin with?

I’ve interacted with many bots that I thought were one thing, but turned out to be another. Reviews would be extremely helpful in finding the right bots for me.

Last question — are we thinking about the end user enough?

PS - I’m new to the world of bots, so if a great bot review tool exists, please enlighten me :slight_smile:

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Like you said, Botlist is definitely a leader in this area and I think they do give us an option to leave a review though not many people do it at the moment. You can review bots on Facebook as well, though I don’t think many people know of/actually do this. :slight_smile: