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Who would be interested in a Chatbot Game Engine?

My company is focusing on building chatbot games and we’ve been building a pretty flexible back end with growing set of tooling to help us produce our games faster.

The features it currently has has

  1. Platforms supported
    Facebook Messeger, Kik, Telegram, SMS (Twilio)

Being tested in dev branch
Skype, Discord, and IRC

Of course adding support for all the others will happen as well.

  1. Ad platforms supported

  2. Payment systems supported

  3. Analytics

  4. Scripting

  5. Misc supported features (emailing)
    http:// (url shortner) (displaying gifs)

  6. Game play related features
    Data storage
    Achievements (coming soon)
    Raid system
    Quest system (coming soon)
    Cross platform chat (coming soon)

  7. Chat platform specific features
    Buttons (Kik, Telegram and FB Messenger)

Those are the core features we have so far, the system is also built to be cross platform, so people can play with each other even if they are in separate chat apps. So a Telegram player can be playing a Facebook Messenger player.

One thing to make note is that you WILL need some what programming knowledge to use the tooling, it’s not like the flood of chat bot building platforms out now you will need to script game logic so it won’t be drag and drop. We do have visual tools but you will attach scripts to each node (think Unity 3D).

Anyways, let me know if this is something people would be interested in using it’s on our road map of open sourcing and providing a hosting service for peoples games after we ship ours.


Definitely something I’d love to try :smile:

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Yes I Too is interested let me know How can I Try do you have any developer API or Documentation

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Thanks for the interest @SteveTech! The tooling is still in early alpha but i’ll make sure to update everyone here when it’s ready :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for a company/developer to build a game for me. I had a company build it for the Google store, but I think it would be more fun as a chat bot. Is your company taking on customers?

Hey @jean! We are still getting ready for a public release but my company will act as a chatbot game publisher, so if you had an existing game we’d love to work with you to help get it ported over to all the popular messaging platforms assuming it fits.

We will also be providing tools and distribution to help with this.

Hello @jburchett…Thank you for your quick response. Could we set up a time to chat (ha-ha) to see if we have a fit using your company? Please let me know a day/time convenient for you. I can skype, in New York - EST time zone. Thank you. Jean

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