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Who is into Smooch?

Great environment! I am working on a bot using Smooch. And am very curious to fellow stories or learnings… I like Smooch but you need to figure out quit a few things yourself


I agree. Quite a lot of looking around is needed but once that is done with, it sure looks amazing. I’ve just about played with it a little. My only grouse at this point is having to go via to hook up to Wit.AI and other NLP services. In some ways that can defeat the purpose of because Meya allows you to hook up to multiple channels directly.

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It’s quite a bit of reading that sometimes can do your head in:))
But their serviceis rather nice

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We are huge fans of Smooch. We see them as a critical piece in the messaging stack, and are happy to let them handle the infrastructure layer between our customers, our bot, and the messaging channels that the support.

I appreciate that they know what they want to be: messaging infrastructure and a stable API to help us reduce our modifications to support multiple channels. They’re not a bot framework or NLP service or whatever, but they integrate with good ones ( and and will presumably add the best services as they can.

The only other similar service I’m aware of is MessageBird. Does anyone have other thoughts?


Hey Peter

Any luck with updating the user profile when he answers a q?

At Dialog we’re huge fans of Smooch, so much that we’ve built Dialog’s first integration with them. Their team is reliable and answers quickly. They’ve been doing this for a while, and they know what they’re doing.