Which messaging platforms do you think are going to "win" with bots in the next few years?

I’m curious, botmakers – which platforms do you feel like are going to be winners and losers in the next few years?

I mean things like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. Which one is going to really hit it out of the park with bots in the next few years?

~ Ben

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Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Line!

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We’re developing for FB Messenger and Alexa/Amazon.

When WeChat shows up here in the US = maybe

And we think Viv = is the dark horse in this race!

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I believe Facebook will be the leader in the consumer/mass population because the scale and reach they’ve been able to build is so powerful and obviously attractive to bot makers.

I believe Slack will be the leader in enterprise because more and more companies are moving to Slack and there’s going to be a big opportunity for bot makers that help companies increase work productivity and scale.


It’s exciting to see major platforms pushing bots in the consumer space.

Facebook is listening to developers and iterating quickly with the Messenger API. It’d be great to see them improve discovery and have an official “bot store” similar to kik and other platforms.

Slack dominates the B2B space.

iMessage has a lot of potential, but Apple will likely continue to be very selective about what API’s they open up to developers.


Agree! Messenger, Slack and Alexa. Those are my winners.

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Why don’t you see browser as a platform in itself? This is such an uncontrolled and unexplored territory.

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Telegram, WeChat, Facebook obviously.

We tried browser. The only problem is people are already using this apps, is more convenient and attractive for them.

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I think there will not be a single winner. There are different set of users on each platform. There is a vast difference between the bots built on Slack and on FB Messenger in terms of quality and usability. I would side with Slack, as we have had an amazing experience building our bot on top of it, but FB is a clear winner in terms of the sheer amount of number of users it has currently. But I myself love Slack and want it to become the winner :wink:

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No single winner.

  • Target audience of the messaging platforms - Slack is for team communication while facebook messenger targets different set of users.
  • Demographic differences - Very few Indians use Telegram. Whatsapp and Messenger are the primary ones.

Going to say Asteria. https://getasteria.com/

Facebook Messenger. They are the one of the only cross Platform messaging service that has so many users. Not to mention they recently started accepting payments which is a game changer for e-commerce.

Share your thought. In my opinion is Facebook for the mass market, Slack has more influential role and Amazon has an important role as the global e-commerce platform.

WeChat is performing well in Asia, but it doesn’t mean that it will be the same in US and Europe. People in China don’t have facebook for example. It could be one of the reasons of the WeChat success. In the US I would bet on Messenger, iMessage, Telegram, Slack

Don’t forget about Whatsapp. If (or when) they open their platform, they have a huge user base that will turn them into one of the most important platforms.

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Surprising that Whatsapp doesn’t support bots yet

Whatsapp will be the winner when it starts supporting Bots next year because Whatsapp has the largest user base with the largest geographic footprint worldwide. Also, chances are Facebook will provide serious hooks for existing Messenger Bots to show up in Whatsapp with minimal or zero code change.

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A winner? In terms of reach? Or in terms of turnover, profit or margin? Or in terms of impact?

I think the winner is embedded bots. Bots that are part of another app, webapp will win. Because on that context, they make most sense and add most value.