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Which chatbot uses contextual information so well that it give its users a "next level" chatbot experience?

(akin.owopetu) #1

Alexa is a product which allows user interaction in complete sentences. Alexa recognizes commands like “play”, “volume”, “next song”.
Doing a good job at disambiguating simple speech and turning it into useful clear actions.
Good job Alexa.
But what is next?

An obvious human limitation is anticipating what Alexa (any chatbot) can do. The natural effort required to discover and retain new skills in-memory limits how many Alexa skills are actually useable.

So a next level chatbot experience needs to be designed to solve this problem. Chatbots which have way more skills and abilities available beyond natural human limitations are a waste.
Except if the next wave are designed to figure out which skills commands to expect by some kind of preprogrammed logic, or context. Information outside the immediate conversation.

Question: What examples of this kind of enhanced user experience are out there now?