Where are the 34,000 Chatbots?

We have launched a bot that is a chatbot app store, m.me/Qwazou. We have 700 chatbots catalogued but keep hearing there are almost 34,000 Facebook Messenger chatbots. If you have a chatbot that we are not including please go to Qwaxou and submit your bot :slight_smile:

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The number of publicly available chatbots for Facebook Messenger on ChatBottle is 558. A few more hundreds are banned or blocked.

The majority of listed bots are global. They built as side projects by indie developers or global companies like kayak.com. The distribution is approximately 98% and 2%.

There are no bots built for local markets on websites like https://chatbottle.co/. I’d assume, the total number of good Messenger bots built for local markets is around 2-3k.

All the other 30k bots are just registered bot records.

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Of the 700 bots you can find on m.me/Qwazou. Only about 10% are any good, unfortunately :frowning:

That’s why we have an approval process for BotList. It’s about quality, not quantity.