Whatsapp will never have api for chatbot, right?

since Facebook is focusing on Messenger and I do not hear anything about whatsapp and chatbot, I’m starting thinking about the future.

I think that we will not have API for whatsapp and we will force to use messenger instead of whatsapp.

Do you think that I am wrong?


Never say never, as none of us know the strategy they have planned they could release an API and you can unofficially do it already.

Thanks Vik for your reply. Could you suggest some link to know more about the un-ufficial way? I hear a little but I do not know. Is there any risk (such as banning your contact on WhatsApp)?

Thanks again,

Having checked a few of the Github projects around, I would steer clear, the ban is coming very quickly and some others have had takedown notices. Ironic considering the same company is encouraging Messenger!

As I mentioned before and after your check, I’m more convinced that soon the WhatsApp logo on our smartphones will be replaced by Messenger logo.
So, from my point of view this is not ironic, It is just a company decision: gradually stop working on WhatsApp and improrve messenger.

My two cents

Whatsapp will have to monetize at some point. They’re starting with Whatsapp for Business in India this year They way I read into it is customer service for small companies which could then turn into providing ads to the customers of those companies. Perhaps there will be bots in that picture down the road as well.