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What's happening in the Japanese chatbot scene?

I noticed that I often read about LINE and how it already has over 20K chatbots etc., and yet I find it very hard to understand what’s actually happening in Japan and how (and which) chatbots are being used there.
Any input would be appreciated!


+1 Curious about this as well …

IBM Watson have an example chatbot that is used within Hotels as a virtual assistant similar to the hilton pepper bot.

It’s a real great market as the adoption seems to be a lot higher!

One of the key things that’s allowed Watson here first is that it was trained on Japanese thanks to a great partnership with Softbank

Having searched for consumer examples however I did come up short but would be interested to see what is out there!

I heard Hiroshi Ishiguro, Laboratories at ATR, Kyoto, Japan is using a new algorithm for modelling conversation topics with no need to understand what’s being said. This chatbot magic called is co-occurrence frequency matrices. Here is Best Video at the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction: