What's a bot you want to see someone build?

What’s a bot you want to exist that still doesn’t exist?

(Also, why aren’t you building it?!)

I would love a chatbot that would remind me when TV shows I’m interested are about to premier.


After watching all the news on police brutality - I had a quick thought and wondered if a chatbot made sense in a situation like this for reporting issues/incidents that people witnessed. A chatbot could quickly collect the witnesses information, the location of the incident, and ask questions on what happened, etc.

I’m going to look into this some more, but what are your thoughts @Ben & @matt?

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As we said in this other post “Will-payments-via-messenger-revolutionize-the-e-commerce-world?” it would be great to have a bot that allows you to take a picture of any product you see, send it to the bot, and thanks to Image recognition would run an extensive search and send you back the (best) offers for this particular product, and give you the ability to buy it and make the payment directly from the messaging platform.

Let me know if anyone is ready to build it ! I’ll be glad to participate !


We have this functionality built into our backend. Connected to Rovi for schedules. Right now we are only using it for some TV channels we are building bots for. If there is an interest we could open it up to all channels.

Really? For example “Westworld” recently premiered and I didn’t realize until the next day. I would have loved to the day of :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure, we are allowing to subscribe to either every episode or just new episodes. Reminds like 30 minutes before airtime. We would only need to figure out how to handle subscriptions to multiple channels but the API’s are there so wouldn’t be overly difficult.

This would be awesome. Please do it. Let me know when I can use it.

Will do, we are busy busy building bots for customers, and our visual conversation builder right now but will put this on the roadmap of bots to build in the near future.

There was https://twitter.com/requestforbot made by Ben Tossell.


I thought this was quite similar to what Operator is trying to do. Have you heard of them? https://www.operator.com/

Operator actually just went through a pivot https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/22/operator-dials-china/. they started as a concierge for all sectors/products but my guess is that the task of horizontal NLP was way too difficult, especially for a startup with limited resources and limited data. given the nuances of natural language, it’s unlikely that we’ll see an all-in-one concierge win the market, and instead, will likely see winners emerge by vertical (airline tickets, hotels, flowers, etc).

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I would like to see more chat bot games built! I think chat bot developers don’t understand the potential for games on all the messaging platforms.


lol Ive wanted this forever too. What shows are coming back and what days. Bot/app/whatever. Great idea. Might actually have to do that :slight_smile:

Would love to play some games on messenger (apart from chess or basketball), specially if they are MMOs.
Waiting for the killer bot game.


I came from a gamedev background myself and thats still where I am at heart but I’ve been thinking of using bots to augment other gameplay experiences rather than as its own game.

There are “textual novels” already in bot form but ive found them to be pretty boring / badly written choose-your-own-adventure type things.

I also have a soft spot for ARG’s and that’s where bots could see a lot of use but funding for those kinds of projects dried up years ago, feel free to reach out if anyone’s reading this and wants to do something though :smiley:

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I’d like to see a bot that shortens your essay by removing unnecessary words or paraphrasing what you wrote with less words.

Cover letter/Essay/Thesis shortening can honestly be such a pain. :disappointed:

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“Waiting for the killer bot game.”

We are hoping the game release becomes that :smiley: We for sure have an mmo on the road map as well :slight_smile: any particular mmo you’d like to play?

I can’t speak for them, but I bet Storify would LOVE such a bot. Gathering witness statements via social media is already something that they do.

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I’d love a personal relationship manager that keeps track of friends & family across multiple channels - FB messenger, SMS, email, Twitter and even in the news - to bring you prompts of when/why to get back in touch.

Running a startup can be a killer on your free time so every bit of assistance helps!

To answer @Ben’s second question - I’m not building this right now bc I’m still busy on my first bot :wink: