What would be the usual salary for a bot developer? Tips & tricks


What do you think yould be an usual salary for a bot developer in Europe?

Any tips and tricks when hiring one?

I’m gonna answer in US dollars, but let’s first make some distinctions here - we’ve got “Bot developer” broken into four categories of designers, authors, scripters and editors. The designers have the highest level understanding and know how APIs aggregate, understand dialogue management, understand that personality is the UX, can crack a joke, build a use flow, and know how to write AIML, CS, Rive, etc. The authors are generally published poets and authors, experienced bot designers, and don’t bother too much with the concept nor code. The editors take that writing (in whatever language), and pick out the nits so that it’s clean language that makes sense to a normal human. The scripters do just the opposite; they take that language and drop it into clean code that makes sense to a normal computer. So these are four distinct jobs for the writing only (leaving aside the voice and appearance).

Summarized in terms of experience, in order:

  1. Designers - concept, design
  2. Authors - NL writing
  3. Scripters - scripting
  4. Editors - NL copyediting

It ranges from person to person, and from customer to customer, but we start our calcs with a base pay of roughly $90/hr. Then we scale up or down from there, depending on the difficulty of the job. We bid by job so we do the best work possible.

Sometimes we get a customer that offers us a fat flank steak, other times a hair of roadkill, so what we try to do is scale it so that our customers are getting the best quality work and the people doing the most advanced work are able to focus on the most advanced projects. Customers get what they pay for. On average our folks have 5 years’ experience (some of us have 15 years developing bots), so we think this is a fair price to do quality work.

What are others doing?