What is your biggest chatbot fear?

I’m curious to see the territory divide between third party developers and the platforms themselves.

Ironically, I spent the weekend working on a bot that features new bots focused on gaming and acts as a pseudo portal for game discovery… only to see the news that Telegram released their Gaming Platform and subsequent @Gamebot yesterday.

Clearly discovery is one of the biggest issues facing the space and Telegram’s Gaming Platform will be amazing for the ecosystem but the experience made me wonder where to focus my efforts.

My biggest fear: that spammers and scammers will come in and poison the medium, as they have done with the telephone.


More than fear I would characterize them as challenges similar to what we experienced with Internet explosion. From my perspective, the biggest challenge will be security and user authentication.

Yes we can argue that once you are inside Facebook messenger then you are secure or inside Telegram you are secure. But so are all other users who are prowling inside. Facebook has tons of settings that most users are unaware of and their data is available for viewing by people who are NOT their friends. Similar issues remains with all social and chat platforms.

So securing the user authentication piece will be essential lest users will start losing money etc. very very quickly.


fear itself…