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What is the best way to create a quick demoBot?

We are a loyalty provider and we see many opportunities to sell our retail clients different types of chatbots. This ranges from bots that help a loyalty member onboard, to more commerce focused bots that help increase replenishment orders, or bots that can help members redeem points in a meaningful way.
But… we have found that the topic is too abstract for our clients. Even showing other bots and explaining that they could work differently in their situation doesn’t really work.

So, we want to be able to build quick demos, preferably browser based. How would you fly this one?

Thanks for sharing!

Hey, it depends. Do you have a tech team or you want a DIY chatbot development solution?

Hey Nas, think it really depends on the functionality that you guys need in the bot. Tools like Chatfuel will quickly help you get a bot set up without needing to code, but you’ll find that you won’t have as much freedom in functionality as opposed to using frameworks where you mostly write your own code (Eg Microsoft Bot Framework or Gupshup). Microsoft Bot Framework also has a web embed that lets you put the bot in your web app instead of having it tied to Facebook Messenger/Telegram etc.

Then again if you really just want to get the concept across, the fastest way would probably just use chatfuel and hardcode what the bot returns to the user (like using Invision or Principle with screenshots when you show mobile app concepts). Hope that makes sense!

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Hi Liam and Alyssa,

Thanks for your responses. We spent some time comparing different optionsand decided to go for the combination API.AI with (webbased) Slack to being able to demonstrate things. A good runner up was using smooch. There are easier services, like chatfuel, that deliver a faster result, but we decided they were too limited in showing the abilities of what’s possible, and did not provide the roadmap we want to offer our clients as well.
Hope others come up with even better approaches!


That’s what i concluded i few weeks ago…These DIY chatbot services can only do so much and get you so far in your bot development. You are far far much better off just designing yours from scratch. All the best!

PHP, JavaScript, C++, C language are just a few examples to make demo bots quickly.