What is something that worries or confuses you about bots? I would love to answer your questions

Reply with any worries or questions you have about chatbots! I will see how many I can address/answer.

Ready. Set. Go!

I’m interested in adoption. Even though over a billion people are using FBM, how quickly do you think they’ll know about the bots that are available to them?

I’m interested in adoption. Even though over a billion people are using FBM, how quickly do you think they’ll know about the bots that are available to them?

The majority of people will likely find out about a bot from a friend, a publication, or a social media account they follow. So, even though there are over a billion people using Facebook Messenger every month, it’s still up to the bot maker to get the word out.

I believe that bots that offer truly unique experience, and are loaded with quality content, will go surprisingly viral.

Adding to that I think it’s super important for bot developers to take full advantage of all the features the platforms offer. Many features helping the bots go viral, like group sharing, deep linking, sharing bot with a friend within the messaging app, etc. Telegram by far has the most robust feature set out there it’s just a shame not as mainstream as FBM because they are really ahead of the game.

My question is @matt do you feel the rise of portals will play a bigger role as we see more bots getting made? Sites like botlist.co have done a great job filtering the good bots from the bad. But hard for people to find out about these portals… Think they are important to still have?

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I wonder on which point of adoption curve are we now. Now we can see different standards and platforms, how soon we’ll get unified tools and common approaches

@andrey.korlyuk we are already seeing lots of unified tools. Lots of companies trying to make it easier. As for some standards and common literature… Well that’s going to take bit more time. It’s still the wild west and people still figuring stuff out. We have seen more conferences though so that’s a plus.

@jburchett What about adoption curve, how do you think, is it already a mainstream?

It’s certainly getting there! I wouldn’t say it’s mainstream entirely yet. Still lot of people I talk to who have no idea what a chat bot is. I’d say give it one more year and it will be come normal in a wide spread fashion. Heavy messaging users no about them but still not the casual user.

I do think portals may end up playing a big role in bot discovery. Currently you may go browse bots and not find anything, which is a bad experience. This, however, will change once bot experiences start to dramatically increase (which I predict will happen this year).

I also expect bots will gain distribution similarly to how a blog or YouTube channel gains distribution.

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When you say “similarly to how a blog or youtube”, do you mean like how Venturebeat is constantly releasing their weekly favorite bots? There are also a lot of bot newsletters. Almost seems like that maybe the best way to get bots noticed. Through others sharing it.

Either way glad to hear you believe in portals as well :slight_smile: They have been very helpful.

No no, what I mean is that I don’t find YouTube Creators by going to YouTube.com and browsing by Content Creator, I find content creators because I see a cool video on the internet and then I decide to go check out the creator to see what else they have made.

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Have you ever seen Business Cases for the development of a Chatbot? The reason why I am asking is, because it is part of my Graduation Thesis and I am looking for possible dimensions and variables that I can incorporate in the Business Case. At this moment I am measuring:


  • Costs of development
  • Server costs etc (owned vs hosted)
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Costs of scalibility
  • Benefits in time savings (and costs) / productivity

Non quantitative:

  • User experience improvement over apps
  • Benefits of having more channels to reach customers
  • Future proof

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: