What is a fair price for an e-commerce bot?


What do you think it’s a fair price for a FB M e-commerce bot that keeps customers data?

pls advise once you know

No idea what a fair price would be but I have built one from scratch.

For you guys, a chatbot it’s a service or a product?

And how much did you charge? Or it wasn’t for a client?

Good question. I would say that it’s both of them. Product and service as maintenance after.

What do you think?

Yes, I would expect updates and maintenance services to be included in the deal.

I’ve talked to a couple of guys who build for around $5-10K, and customers seem OK with the price. The problem is that it depends on the customer, the feature set, tech, ongoing support options, deliverability, etc.

Related side-note: If you haven’t yet, I recommend reading Don’t Just Roll The Dice. It’s a short read and is great for info on pricing software.

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I also see most as a service.

Taking further I think about two commercial models (Sorry, don’t know if this is the rigth expression in english) you can offer pre build chatbot, like made for hotels needs that will need “minors” personalizations or build one on specific demad and exclusivity. I’m saying that because it will affect the way you will charge.

Thank you for the comment and the book. Good resource.

Yes, probably on subscription base, you may need a platform. Or built on specific needs.