What industries will help bots gain mass adoption?


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In the public sector

Building UI and forms come with som natural limitations, you can have limited amounts of it before it becomes too complex.

Contextual dialogue might allow for filling necessary slots of information allowing us to get self service closer to 100%

I’m not confident that chatterbots is the way to go because they do have trasparency deficiencies, and a dialogue requires people to almost know what they should be asking, just like a search engine. On the other hand data analysis could initiate a message or notification to the user where no UI has been developed.

It’s worthwhile to explore chatterbot technology, if only to provide self service commands where it would be too expensive or have a negative impact on the UX for the majority of users. Tools like wit.ai is suitable for exploration and prototyping which increase the likelihood of good applications being found. Agile development practices and the ease of which microservices can be deployed solves the back-end. Free tools and low cost of deployment enables experimentation. The risk would otherwise be too great to initiate CAPEX investments larger than a decent lunch.

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Echoing Entertainment and gaming. They own the characters that people most want to talk to. And even if conversational gaming is still a little ways off, gaming has what TV and movies have: Characters. This will go a long way towards convincing people that talking to a bot can be rewarding in and of itself. Bots designed to get things done can and should become a huge part of the industry. Maybe even the biggest part. But I think we’re still in the process of convincing people that this is a good interaction, and bringing them in to talk to characters they genuinely want to bond with will be a huge part of that.

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BotCast 1.0 (Foundation Series on Chatbots design,adoption,performance and requirements in Healthcare,Education,Art & Business)


Are chat bots new? Or just an extension of A2P SMS? If so the low hanging fruit would be the same…ticketing, Banking and FS, logistics…easy conversion, market established etc

totally agree with you rajesh… this is the area of focused utility bots which I am targeting with specific Bot Products. All these professional are quite under served and it is very hard for them to attract traffic to their websites too. Also, most of their business is very local to their city or nearby cities too.

From my experience so far, those with the most traction within enterprise bots great interest has been shown from Fintech as well as health. Everything from helping customers find mortgages to triage patient care to reduce the number of GP visits and manual referrals. It would be great to see more consumer bots that have real great use and quality imo.

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Hey Dirk, thanks for sharing. We have a client in the heavy industry sector which I feel would be ideal for this. Can you share your case study? Also do you know of any other hackthons worth going to? (I’m based in London but happy to travel :slight_smile:

Hey Javi, we run bot hackathons all the time around London showcasing IBM Watson Conversation, if you need any other case studies let me know we have a few that may be worth reading for some insight :slight_smile:

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Hi Javi

We’re not quite running a hackathon yet (in April I might be able to run a “code” event) but we’re doing a free Chatbot briefing, good chance for you to meet others even though we are talking to mostly banks and fintech’s. Feel free to come along and pick people’s brains, http://bit.ly/ChatbotRevInFS

Really? That’s so cool I’d love to read it! Can you post the link?

So many industries and services would benefit from Bot integration. The one industry and service that stands out is the Financial industry any standardised advisery service in this sector. The reason why is that a bot, given the right rules will give better advice than a human and if it’s searching thousands of products. Will also give true independent advice based on what the consumer wants and needs.
I don’t think banks, investment companies will lead the way, but I guess someone will !

What’s everyone else thoughts on this ?

I am from Ecuador, we are working with IBM Watson an interesate project of chatbots is in call center

HDFC lauched their Bot.
Which other banks are you referring to?