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What industries will help bots gain mass adoption?

(mnort9) #1

The majority of people outside of tech have never heard of bots. We have yet to see “flagship” bots hit the market and gain mass appeal.

What industries do you think they will be in?

(Siddharth Shekhawat) #2

I think Fintech & HR enterprise could be a huge space where bots could have mass adoption. I have tried prototypes of some bots in fintech and they really look promising. There are some huge banks in India who are getting into building chatbots just to help the end consumer. Good times ahead!

(dariodellanoce) #3

I would suggest the Fashion industry too, since bots could be of great help to people in the inspiration phase (and also in the buying process).

(nikhilmane) #4

I don’t think “recommendations” is an industry but it would be interesting to see the rise/evolution of “recommendations as a service” where bots help you get more data for creating and providing better/smarter recommendations.

(Mauricio Morales) #5

Possibly even health and fitness. I’m trying to build something myself and testing it with different users to see if there would be a need for something like that.

(Clarke Nobiletti) #6

I think social gaming (i.e. games w/in groupchats) will probably be the first chatbot interaction for most people.

(chris) #7

I agree with the FinTech being an early adopter, from what I’ve seen, they have the Innovation budgets to support a bot build as well as the desire to offer the latest technologies to their customers.

I would also suggest the Automotive industry, primarily built around their service division (diagnosing problems, booking service appointments, etc…).

(Mike Bailey) #8

We are banking on the Media/Entertainment industry. I believe that every Show/Movie/Music release will have a bot as part of their content plan in the next 12-18 months.

(Dirk Hofmann) #9

Based on the demand we recieved after our hackthon in Spring it´s media and than especially the service / customer care heavy industries with big expectations towards bots. Although some of them are driven by serious business cases (e.g. utility) while others just “hope” that this fix their challenges attracting consumers.

(Joseph Burchett) #10

Games! Devs seem to be completely ignoring this area! I am kind of shocked no one has jumped on this yet. There is so much potential here… It’s a multi-billion dollar market and everyone seems so focused on making another productivity, virtual assistant or b2b type of bot.

Besides gaming I feel marketing, e-commerce and media/entertainment will help it explode.

(arghyabhatta) #11

Recruitment - especially bottom of the pyramid or even blue collar , in countries with a large workforce
Though difficult to penetrate - Government sector/services in developing countries where regulations, rules, structures evolve constantly
Someone mentioned banks in India - this i think will take off big time, though will face localization challenges as they spread the service beyond the larger cities
Corporate Travel/booking (recommendations for best rates or fastest routes, least layovers)

(Mike Bailey) #12

I think gaming will be huge also, like the COD bot. That was highly successful and an early adopter of chatbots in the gaming space. 1M interactions a day while it was up with only in game marketing.

(Obaid Ahmed) #13

I think any business that deals with customers online or offline can definitely use bots to improve their interaction. We have been exploring various use cases with some businesses around loyalty and customer feedback.

(Clóves Cardoso) #14

I believe that Fintech and Insurtech will be ahead with bots. :slight_smile:

(Adam Piercy ) #15

I think local government, particularly here in the U.K. Where budgets are being cut yet demand is increasing. Bots can provide real added value to this sector and make the resident / customer feel valued.

(munlyleong) #16

I’m definitely not ignoring games.

Also check out BotColony which was the first and only game to feature NLP interaction that you can actually talk to and control stuff with (facing similar problems that we all face today) which unfortunately was ahead of its time and they apparently left no budget for marketing. That game may be rising back from the dead pretty soon

(mlchild) #17

We are also not ignoring games! Would love if you checked out our trivia game (

It’s got a bit of a twist—the game only happens once a day (1pm PT/4pm ET), and everyone competes simultaneously. We’re trying to create a MMO trivia game, like a game show that anyone can play.

(Alyssa Ong) #18

Fintech, service industry (especially with ordering, payments and booking - just look at wechat)

(Joseph Burchett) #19

Yeah, love what you guys are doing! I suck so hard at trivia, hahaha… So it’s not really a game for me but keep up the awesome work! Super glad to see something like you guys are doing exists. This is a great example of a chatbot!

(mlchild) #20

Ha, sounds good—we are looking to expand into other games as well, if you have any proposals, let us know!