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What do you think of Google's announcement - Pixel, Home, etc?

(Spencer Yang) #1

Google has launched loads of new products this morning, what do you all think?

(Matt Schlicht) #2

I’m excited to see all of the voice bots for Google Home. It’s great that Amazon’s Alexa has competition.

(Spencer Yang) #3 I am quite excited about the actions for developers too. They are probably going to unveil it over the next 2 months. Looking forward to it. Alexa allows me to directly buy things, but Google has deeper integrations with search which is definitely a huge +.

(Paul Dunlop) #4

Alexa has infinite capability. The skills kit allows anyone to code many things not just buying things, as evidenced by the Alexa skills market as it is today… I think AWS are interested in it’s capability for interacting with IoT via Lambda so Home automation etc will be a big part of Alexas world much like Googles device is wanting to be.