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What are people using for user story / project tracking?

What is everyone using for bot user story tracking? something that can sort priorities, catalog implementation level by say numbers and store details i.e. story needs database work or just needs text update work etc. Bonus if it even supports cross linking where you have multiple user stories that go to the same answer. Does a good tool even exist? usual software dev mgmt / tracker tools are not ideal.

Why do you think any existing ALM or project management tools are not suitable of Bot Development?
We use VSTS/TFS for application development and it’s issue/task management feature includes everything that you mentioned above. Other popular choices are JIRA and Git Enterprise. Trello is also being picked up a lot for issue tracking.

Hey, currently we are using pivotal tracker. We use the same software for web development too. It allows tagging so you will be able to see/sort by swim lane (priorities), user role, user workflow and more.

I would agree with Ankit to say current tools are enough good enough for chatbot development. Of course if you found a better solution, do let me know!

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We use for all of our stuff. We use tagging to set what team needs to look at what stories.

depends on a size of the team, for smaller teams/organization, trello works perfectly and it’s free

We use Trello as a storyboarding tool with clients in the same board. Simple and lightweight. We also use messenger itself to create a group for chatting. Wish there’s a better tool!

Didnt know about and would also like to mention from the bots group which someone else suggested. Thanks to all that posted, definitely a few things here I didnt know about.

We used Pivotal Tracker before but found it so inadequate that it was what inspired this post. Otherwise yeah my next best idea was Trello

We use pivotal tracker and we’re quite happy with it because it is so extensive. But I guess it depends on the complexity of your projects, the size of the team and the planning method you use. We use scrum in a 10-person team and PT aligns nicely with that.

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