What are most popular words/phrases people send to bots?

I am currently developing a bot & writing an article and would like to know the most common words, questions people type in the conversation with bot.

Could you type 1-2 words or a phrase you think are popular?


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Someone wrote an article talking about the most commonly used words or questions asked on Venturebeat. http://venturebeat.com/2016/11/12/5-most-common-things-users-first-say-to-a-chatbot/


Here’s a great article I use also


Details a lot of things a bot should be able to do / what users expect :+1:t2:


I believe if chatbot needs help it’s not designed well…

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Can’t say I agree with you on that one. When you buy a car it still comes with a manual, does that mean the car was poorly designed? No. It just means that it may have some not so obvious features that you know about.

Chatbots are the same way, good example would be a game chatbot may be extremely complex with tons and tons of commands but on average you may only ever use 80% of those commands during game play. So the “help” would be a guide explaining to you how the other 20% of commands work.

It’s always good practice to have a help option even if it won’t be used, it’s one of the most typed words with a chatbot so people will always assume it’s there whenever they get stuck or curious about something.

To compare chatbot and car is at least incorrect. A car is complex device and chatbot is a tool. You would rather compare a chatbot with a consultant in a store. Do you need any manual to ask him a question even if he knows tons of information?

If chatbot is complex and has tons of commands do we really need it? The whole idea of the chatbot is to be easy to use tool, and that’s it. And if it happens you create a very complicated chatbot that really needs a manual you probably created just an application that pretends to be a chatbot, or an application with a “dialog like” interface. The Git has tons of commands and nobody considers it as a chatbot although it has a pretty “chatbotish” interface.

If you are building a chatbot game it can potentially have a LOT of commands. Not all chatbots are tools many are for entertainment as well. Even classic text adventure games had tons of commands for power users, many coming with help and guides. Now in the case of creating a tool you are correct! It should be simple and easy to use as it’s suppose to help the user be productive or solve a particular pain point.

I suppose my point is no matter the case you should still have some sort of “help” function. People are going to type it in eventually no matter how straight forward your bot is. A developer can’t possibly know everything the user is going to do and there is bound to be an issue a user will run into so they will need some sort of place to ask for help.

Totally get what you mean i lean toward the side of Joseph at the moment. Maybe in a a year or two when users have become more familiar with the chatbot experience and interaction. The excel sheet above is produced in conjunction with chatfuel and have analysed over 100,000 bot interactions.

However in saying so from my personal experience thus far, there is nothing worse than a blinking cursor with no prompt. I would love to see great chatbots designed where no menu, onboarding etc is required. However i think we may be a year or two away from that yet :smiley: