Welcome to Chatbots News, an experiment in building an even stronger community! What do you think?

I started the :robot: bots group on Facebook with the goal of creating the best chatbots community in the world.

This worked… but it may have worked too well.

Now that the bots group on Facebook has passed 15,000 members I’m worried that a Facebook Group may no longer be the best experience for the community. This is why I decided to start Chatbot News.

The goals of Chatbot News

  • Provide an incredible place to discuss chatbots and related technology.
  • Build an even stronger community.
  • Support one another.

I believe that Chatbot News can help us take the bots group to the next level.

I would love your feedback, your support, and your ideas. Let’s keep pushing this industry forward together.


Pssst… Make sure you:

  1. Fill out your profile.
  2. Post an interesting topic.

Looks awesome!! Let’s bring more awesome people in :slight_smile:

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I like it, it looks awesome. This is much easier to start a discussion than Facebook group.


Thats what I’m hoping!

On Monday we’ll start bringing some more people in :pray:

Looking good sir.

Time to take this forum to the next level![details=Summary]I love hidden text, gentle remarks or rude reminders [/details]

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Love the idea and thanks for the early invite! I think positioning Chatbot News as a knowledge hub / best chatbots community is going to be great - I see this becoming like GrowthHackers.com for bots. Super excited to see how this evolves! I know I’ll be learning a lot from everyone who contributes.

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love the idea! this is much better organized in terms of keeping track of interesting conversations too.

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I’m excited to see it grow! It’s an experiment, but I think it will work
very well.

Looks great :+1:

This format should allow quality posts and discussions to stick around longer. I like the inbound.org and growthhackers.com feel to it.

I think some level of moderation will be important. There’s a fine line between critical feedback and unnecessary negativity. I know personally when I see too much trolling in a community, I find myself visiting less frequently.

Looking forward to see it grow :grinning:


Agreed. I believe that with this format it will be easier to “promote” select community members as moderators, which should help a lot.

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+1 on other comments, There’s often valuable content that’s worth returning to or looking for opinions on something that crossed my mind and the Search function is helpful.


Thanks for adding me :slight_smile:
This looks awesome @matt

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Good Stuff Matt. Way to go! We are all in on this one. :smile:

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Thanks Matt for adding me. I can see me reading a lot of interesting discussions, sharing thoughts and most important getting valuable inputs.

Really great idea. Well done.

Thanks for the add. @matt Looking good :slight_smile:

Some thoughts on how to make it work

1. Restrict access or make invite only.
Too many people will lower the value for the real bot geeks. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the rule of 150 in the Tipping point. Should we keep it exclusive to attract the real top ones?

2. Attract key influencers from outside the community
People who are likely to add value to the entire market, but not likely to join without you, or someone, pushing them into a elite network.


p.s. We can add categories over time. I’m keeping to pretty open at the moment though so that we can find out which categories make the most sense vs. forcing everyone to fit into certain categories.

Thrilled to be part of this group, thanks Matt!
I’d like to help build the Denver, Co bot community. Who’s in Denver?
More in the pipeline.

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Thanks for the invite and all the hard work w/ this great community.

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Really glad to be part of the group! I definitely love the idea and the discussions are really interesting. Love the fact that everyone is very active

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