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Weekly learning and virtual meet-up for Chatbot designers

(Cameron Jenkinson) #1

I’m looking to bring great design minds together through a weekly or bi-weekly learning session on Hangout or Skype. The purpose of this is to help us connect to share thoughts, ideas and best practices so we can share this knowledge on and bring it back into our own projects.

If if you are up for it then let’s discuss it further :slight_smile:

(zakarya) #2

Seems like a great Idea ! I don’t have much knowledge in the UI design field but getting there, I’m MORE into graphic design and kawaii characters :slight_smile:

Would love to talk to others as I’m developing my chatbot !

(mere) #3

I’m down! I don’t live in SF so this would be helpful.

(Maria Crosas) #4

I am totally in! I come from a communications background and I am more interested on the UI and UX design and how to give chatbots personalities. And since i don’t live in SF it would be very helpful as well.

(mathew.lowry) #5

Nice initiative, I’m in.


PS It could be useful for each participant to write a few lines about their bots/ideas/ambitions/questions beforehand.

(ines) #6

I’m in!!! What help do you need setting it up?

(Cameron Jenkinson) #7

Hey guys,

Apologies for the delay, I was away for Christmas! Hope you all had a good one.

Great to see that people are up for this, next steps would be for us to setup some form of group chat or email thread to discuss dates for the first session where I hope we can confirm what topics we want to discuss.

I expect that the first call would be more of an introduction and general discussion of what we are doing then we can chat about structure in more detail?

Looking forward to moving this forward :slight_smile:

(@tomhewitson - conversation designer) #8

Great idea. I’d love to be a part of it too.

(0) #9

I’m in as well. Any way we could manage all this thru Slack? ( I’d personally like to be able to build bots for the web, SMS & Slack )

(Cameron Jenkinson) #10

Awesome, I’ve created a Slack group temporarily named bdesigners which you can join via Slackin here:

Hope everyone can join and discuss further!

(ankit1) #11

Great initiative Cameron. I am in as well. Excited to connect with the community

(anjamoring) #12

Cool, I’m in! I’m designing FB Messenger chatbots (2) and would love to get in contact with other UX/UI designers about this subject.

(Nei Fonseca) #13

I´’m in, I’m working with fb messenger bots

(Vinay Chandra) #14

Thanks @cameronjjenkinson… just joined the group

(Cameron Jenkinson) #15

Hi guys,

It’s been difficult to catch replies from everyone in Slack so I thought I’d get this going so people can jump in when they can.

The first meeting will be via Hangout this weekend Sunday the 15th of January - it is an open format invite so feel free to join in, the link to the hangout will be shared before it starts.

The agenda for this call will be discussing the bot landscape in general for 2017 and the design challenges we are all currently facing. No doubt there will be a rich amount of personal stories and processes being discussed which everyone can benefit knowing more about. These challenges could be used to lay out the topics for subsequent meetings, there is no fixed topic schedule yet so this could be a good start.


  • 21:00 GMT
  • 13:00 PST
  • 08:00 - Melbourne
  • 14:00 MST
  • 16:00 EST

If you can make it please confirm on here or on the Slack room

If you can’t make it and some form of summary minutes to share afterwards would be beneficial to you then do reply


(Vik Kimyani) #16

How did it go? A summary would be great :slight_smile: