We have launched BotStash. What is your thought on it?

BotStash : A directory of chat bot resources and tools.

Our community is growing very fast and lots of new products are launching every week. This directory serves two major purposes:

  1. To keep track of all the relevant resources and tools.
  2. To make bot developers’ work simplified and easier.

We have categorized the useful resources and tools into the development platform, marketing, prototyping, analytics , customer service, bot stores, job boards, discussion forums, podcasts etc.

We would like to hear feedback from the community on how we can improve this list. Feel free to suggest new ways as well as resources and tools.

Resources suggestion - http://bit.ly/botstashsuggestions
Reach out to me on - keyul@botsfloor.com

Thank You.

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This is a fantastic resource! Thanks for making it :smiley: Will make sure to keep checking it out.

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Thanks for this. Just a couple of minor nits, there are spelling mistakes on the landing page : ‘Develper’ and ‘Protyping’. Small details but it will make the site seem less valuable to newbies.




Thank you for pointing this out. I have updated it.

I am glad to know it is being helpful to bot makers. :slight_smile:

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Would love Sketch assets for more than just FB Messenger. In need of one for the new Twitter DM Functionality.

Feel free to share resources so we will add it.

Amazing Resources ! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: Google Ranking is not doing you guys justice !

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Any suggestions to improve Google ranking?