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We created a new product from and we want to give you Alpha access!

(sethlouey) #1

Hey everyone!

Since we have built up the BotList community to be a heavy hitter in chatbot discovery, Mubs and I created a new product off of BotList called, BotJobs.

We welcome all feedback and if you have a job that you want to post, reach out to me for a coupon code for a FREE posting. Please do not hunt on Product Hunt yet, but get those jobs up there for our PH launch this week.

Thanks for your constant support!

(Joseph Burchett) #2

This is awesome! Thank you for continuing to create more community based products! This is for sure going to be VERY helpful with finding people soon as my company gets bit more funding :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

(sethlouey) #3

Thanks Joseph for the community love. If you want a code for a free post, DM @botlistco on twitter and we will send you your own.

(Nas) #4

The link doesn’t seem to work (anymore). Really interested in what’s behind there!

(Jan König) #5

Had a look this morning and really liked it, good job! I can see this become the go-to job board for bot developers.

Funny thing is that I’m currently doing the exact opposite :grinning: -> compiling a list of freelance chatbot developers and agencies.

(mubs) #6

Sorry Nas. Link should be working again. We’re still finalizing server setup and stuff before the official launch.

(Nas) #7

It works! Thanks for your fast reply and action! I understand and I wish you all the best with the launch and beyond!
Do you also consider showing the supply side? There’s probably even more interest in finding bot experts that offer their services… :wink:

(mubs) #8

We choose to attack the problem this way, as others are already working on a more “marketplace” approach.

Matt started BotGig I think with the intention of displaying both sides of a freelance market place at some point.

(Nas) #9

Hi Mubs,

For some reason I missed that. Thanks for the update. Yup, the landscape fills op quickly :wink: