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User Interaction Design Principles

(jkhamb) #1

User Interaction design for chatbots is a new and interesting problem. What are the top 2 things your have learned that guide your User Interaction design process for chatbots?

(tobias.goebel) #2

Conversational UI Design is actually not that new - in the IVR industry, VUI (voice UI) designers have been designing experiences for voice bots for over 20 years. I can highly recommend listening to Cathy Pearl, a veteran in the VUI industry, who spoke on the O’Reilly podcast about VUI and CUI design:

I have worked in this space myself for 15 years or so, so it’s definitely great to see the renewed interest now that we have text-based bots at scale thanks to FB, and unparalleled market interest… Exciting times!

(nikhilmane) #3

Wrote this a while ago to highlight simple principles that I have used and you can use to think about building bots. This is a condensed version of a presentation/talk I gave for students at UC Berkeley interested in building bots. I