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UI design tips and advices

(strujac.alexandru) #1

Hello guys, i am new here and I want to thank you first for all of your work and for creating this beautiful forum. I am Alex, I have 30 years and I am from Romania. I am working as a UI designer and I want to learn to design chat bots. I attached my first design of a chatbot. Can you give me some advice? Did i create a correct conversation? Every advice is welcomed. Thank you so much.

(strujac.alexandru) #2

Is there any step by step guide for creating a chatbot? What should I consider when I want to create a chat bot, not only UI. Thank you.

(Reece Medway) #3

Hey Alex!

Welcome, great you’ve managed to create your first bot!

I work for IBM Watson and design chatbots near day in day out for a wide range of topics and help sell these to our customers.

I’ve previously written and article about some considerations i’ve developed and things to consider when designing a bot here

I have also developed a lean startup style canvas for designing a chatbot (attached)

Hope these get you off to a good start, happy to discuss more :slight_smile:

(strujac.alexandru) #4

Thank you so much. Your feedback is precious.

(Vik Kimyani) #5

I would also consider whether you will present buttons and options as is possible using Messenger, once you do then even if you can handle other intents, your users will mostly stick to the presented options.

(strujac.alexandru) #6

What do you think about a fixed presence of a “talk to a human” button ?
In this way at any moment you can chat with a human.

(Vik Kimyani) #7

Yes I think that is a good idea for a business, a few of our demo chatbot’s does this as “talk to an agent” button.

(strujac.alexandru) #8

Hello Reece, i just created an free account on Can you tell me where i can find some tutorials to create a basic bot ? Thank you.

(strujac.alexandru) #9

Thank you for your feedback.

(Reece Medway) #10

Hey Alexandru,

Sure there’s some great examples out there on the Watson Developer Cloud github

To get you started heres a chatbot demo you can create fairly quickly

If you want something a little more advanced, here is a tutorial I put together to use a scalable chatbot framework called Botmaster that allows you to write custom java actions and extend the power of any bot not just IBM Watson powered.

Hope this helps