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Tool for dialogue analisys

(Nei Fonseca) #1


anyone know a tool that can help analize previews conversations?

I’m building a FB Messenger for a page that already has followers and a big amount of chat info. So i need a tool where a i can input this dialogues and that can help me analize expressions, words and etc.


(Sam Ursu) #2

It’s virtually impossible to download even a single chat history on FB Messenger :frowning:

(Nei Fonseca) #3

@s.ursu hey. =)

It’s not a tool for download the chat history, but it would be great. The tool that i need is for text analysis.

Like you throw a bunch of text there and it can find expression, words, quotes and etc. To be fair is very much alike the tool that we are having fo bot analitycs and metrics. But i need for others texts to like chat history e e-mails content.

(Sam Ursu) #4

Ahh ok. I think what you’re looking for is called a “word cloud” or “tag cloud” generator. There are several free ones online such as:

Essentially, it runs an algorithm on text to create a visual representation of frequency of use. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for though.

(Alyssa Ong) #5

I used for text analysis on a bunch of research papers and it was awesome.

It only takes in plain text format, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF, and MS Word - so you might have to format your conversation dialogs appropriately to input into the tool.

(Nei Fonseca) #6

Thanks @s.ursu and @alyssaong for the help. I’ll try your sugestions.