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The lean chatbot canvas

(Reece Medway) #1

Hi All,

Firstly great to be part of the community!

Having built lots of bots in my role within IBM Watson and dealing with different stakeholders internally and externally I always found myself plotting the same questions that were very often overlooked by others when considering a chatbot for a solution!

The chatbot consultant canvas was born! Use this to help at each stage of the build,design and implementation to keep your bot on track and consider most angles you will need to tackle.

Here is a link to a medium post I have previously written outlining why to consider this

Let me know your thoughts and experiences! I’m currently drafting the latest article on how to use the canvas in more detail and how it can be applied :grinning:

(Vinay Chandra) #2

Which other tools do you recommend for Bot Consultants delivering Bot strategy and implementation services to customers?

(SatBot. Conversational Designer (AKA Writer)) #3

Nice work Reece.

Just a few notes from my own experience:

1 - Add actual platforms to number 4 (Messenger, Kik, Telegram, etc) along with checkboxes and plenty of lines for “other”.

2 - Split #5 and add checkboxes that display NLP, Payments, Integrations, etc. This could be labeled “internal use” but I find it can also serve as a conversation starter with client.

3 - Somewhere in here needs to be a box for character development.

4 - The WHY. Why would the end-user choose this solution over an app, website, google, etc?

Again, just my experiences to date. Good luck. Sat :slight_smile:

(Reece Medway) #4

Hi Vinay,

There are quite a few approaches that can be taken when delivering strategy and implementation services.

Firstly the most important aspect is to consider Who needs this service? What does the service need to do?

From my experience this is often where the struggle lies, most customers and business people alike! fail to grasp the real scope of how Chatbots can help. I’ve heard everything from simple FAQ answer machine to something that will harass users to leave the country! Again both in the scope of a chatbot but Really!?

So one of my favourite tools to begin using when trying to really drive understanding as well as nail down the Who,What What When and Where is to begin with a design thinking workshop.

This involves getting lots of users, real life customers and stakeholders in the room together and presenting user scenario/pain points and then we go through the design thinking process of producing Empathy maps and user centered design canvases. These help address the common thoughts,feelings and questions users are likely to ask at each stage of interaction.

From here we then progress forward into a proof of concept/demo which we produce as an MVP both to introduce the concept to reality but also - it is amazing the insight a demo can give you from real users that you may not have even considered!

Here’s a great link to a design thinking 101 -
IBM’s Design thinking approach -

Also this is why the lean canvas was created as a flexible framework to enable you to nail down the key aspects that can help shape development and implementation as well as the business conversation you need to have with your customers.

Hope this helps!

If there’s anything I’ve not covered do let me know and I’ll try my best :wink:

(Reece Medway) #5

Hi Sat,

Thanks for the feedback, really great points for consideration for my v2!

Is there anything you currently use similar to this to help begin designing? (As somebody who is new to design i’d be interested to see how your experience has been so far)

(preethi) #6

please do post the v2 diagram when you have it :slight_smile: