Test out our Katy Perry bot!

We’d love people to test out our KatyCats bot for Katy Perry and give us feedback! Here’s the link . The good, the bad and the ugly please!

A couple of notes:

The AI doesn’t recognize the main categories (like “Quiz”)
If you’re using desktop Messenger instead of the mobile app, you cannot send your location
There’s no warning when the bot is about to dump you out into a website
The one video linked that I clicked takes me to a VEVO.COM website that’s blocked in my region.

Nice use of emojis though! :slight_smile:

Is this bot official?

Looks neat to be honest, just one question regarding usability: I tested on messenger desktop (Probably we are all going to most of the times when in here) and the play music sent me to spotify, is there a way this can be sent to the user’s most accessed or ‘‘pre-determined’’ music streaming service?

FYI - I said “hey katy” in response to KatyCat’s greeting. The bot’s reply “Sorry, our technology’s not smart enough to recognise your words yet… :crying_cat_face: it’ll get there eventually!” Didn’t test much more but you’ll want to test / add some of that small talk stuff