Telegram bot & games SDK

has anyone used this? I hope it will do something for telegram’s userbase. i love their tech but the audience isn’t relevant.
with games, the service becomes useful even without the social network. so it could be a tipping point for them… ?

I find it rather strange they did this… Telegram actually already has a lot of chatbot games, in fact they have the most out of all the platforms currently. Why they chose the HTML5 route instead of getting behind their own tech more I will never understand.

It’s popularity will depend on the quality of games, if they are good it will bring people in. If they are shitty shovelware it may steer people further away. If they would have stuck with backing chatbot games I think that would have been the better route as they are easier to jump in and out of.

Will this make Telegram as attractive as other platforms? I doubt it, but I don’t see that being to be an issue as they seem to have an devoted audience. The users may not be high but the retention probably is. For games that can be pretty useful.