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Some fuzzy linguistical questions

Good morning,

I am testing around with chatbots for some time now and also reading a lot around the topic.

Lots of discussions are about how to design convos and dialogs and about how to train chatbots. But there is another topic I am trying to get my head around - I am not there yet.

How is ot possible to train a ChatBot understanding domain specific words. Also, is it possible to train the ChatBot synonyms or homonyms for specific words? I fiddled around with LUIS a bit - I would guess that I would have to specify many examples with the domain specific phrases as well as specifying these examples for each synonym. Does that make sense?

Another question is around the topic of ontologies. I found this concept in ChatScript: there are files with entries like:
"##ENGLISH concept: ~good_weather (cold hot humid muggy rain Showers sunny sunshine warm windy ) ##.
Am I understanding it right, that I could use the “concepts” when programming my bot and reference to those concepts? And again in reference to LUIS: how is it possible to add and edit ontologies in the LUIS NLU? And is there a relation between “concepts” (from ontologies) and intents?!

Are there any experiences with ChatScript in this community?