Skills a Bot Developer must have to hire him?


I am curious what skills do you recommend a developer to have in order to hire him to develop chatbots?


There are a few parts to the puzzle;

  • which chat platform to use
  • which language to use to handle messages from users
  • which language processor
  • optional database

For me the skills would be;

  • fb messenger
  • node.js
  • mongo

and bonus skills would be hosting setup and management.

hope that helps.


Mongo and many NoSQL databases are non relational and at the database level, represent a big future bottleneck if your bot is increasingly going to be just a front end to big data and deep learning in the future.

I think in years 3-5 of bots, graph databases will really start to come into their own

Mine are a lot of what @paul said above… Node.js for sure! Very good knowledge of Javascript and how it works, then MongoDB, Redis and a nice skill to have would be knowledge of one of the many NL api’s out there. For my company it be

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Thank you for replying. What about someone that knows nodejs and java but does know about bots yet. How do you introduce them this world?

Just dive right in! I would say start out with Telegram as from my experience they are the easiest to get up and going. You will need a few things

  1. Web server (can build a very easy one in Node.js)
  2. Telegram node.js module (the one I use)
  3. Create a bot for Telegram by chatting with the BotFather
  4. Setup Telegram in your node.js web server and listen for responses

start chatting with the bot and respond back to it in Node.js! Also make note it doesn’t have to be a web server you just need to have a node.js script running. There is a LOT more you should do but that is the very basics just to get up and running.

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