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Simplest framework to create chatbots

(arpit1) #1

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a project - Bottr . It is a simple framework that allows anyone to create and use personal chatbots (without any coding). The bot can be trained anyway the bot maker likes. It uses AI and machine learning to learn from responses and engage in conversation.

We have added features like easy integration to website or blogs and embedding it in social profile bios or youtube channel description. However, what other features should I add so that people find it more useful? Working on adding calendars so that the bot can help schedule meetings or appointments.

(rdy4trvl) #2

Upload feature to quickly import existing/known data like a series of FAQ questions and answers from a text or doc file.

(arpit1) #3

The bot already learns from blogs on medium, wordpress, bloggers and others. Exporting data from existing data seems like a great idea. Training chat bots would become simpler and may save users a lot of time. We would be adding this feature soon. Thanks for the suggestion.