Should someone with a (personal) Facebook Page have a bot?

I think in the future, everyone will have a personal bot. Essentially, I see this acting as a dynamic and interactive profile for people - ability to share and respond to basic queries, connect to services like calendars, converse with useful and engaging content, and provide a meaningful messaging experience.

What does everyone else think?

Sure - but there’s a lot of details that need to get filled in here…

[DISCLOSURE: I am going to refrain from fully responding here - as this falls into our “wheelhouse.” But there are so MANY ways to answer your conjecture - that I’ll just throw out a few issues to consider.]

If you’re OlaBot - they believe that everyone’s Resume - should be in the form of a ChatBot.

If you follow any of the pundits who’ve declared that Apps are over and that the future is all about ChatBots - then yes - we’ll all have a Personal ChatBot.

Viv believes that ChatBots should be Virtual Assistants - so one would have an all-embracing Meta-ChatBot to do their shopping, stay healthy, find recommendations, etc.

I think you’re trying to get at - what the Identity world calls “an Identity Bot” - which is one’s virtual “presence” on-line. That train has left the station and is owned by Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter TRYS to play that role - but they’ve done nothing to provide users ANYTHING to support their “digital lifestyle” - so…

Anyway - I’m leaving out a HUGE aspect here. Watch for a product product from Cantervision - which will exactly fill this gap.

It will be very useful for girls, and make guys feel they always get fast replies!

Agree that in the future most of socially connected population of the world will have a bot but not necessarily a Facebook bot. I see the future of Bots as independent of the social media platform. Individuals will have their own Bot and will decide the Bot engagement platforms where their connections reside because even today the young adults are not spending too much time on Facebook. Most of them reside in Instagram and Snapchat.