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Shopify Lets Merchants Sell Items Through Facebook Messenger

(Deven Bhooshan) #1

With Shopify and Messenger, your will be able to browse and buy your products, all while chatting with stores in real-time.

With this product, you can recreate the real-life shopping experience by sharing and discussing product decisions with friends and family right before you buy in the familiar app of Facebook Messenger.

This is a major step forward for conversational commerce, one that will change the way the world shops online.

As they say “Integration does a big chunk of work for our merchants automagically”.

Here is one of the bot :
Even though I didn’t like it, but I still feel it is a big step towards conversational commerce.

What do you guys feel about this ?

(Clement Tang) #2

While Shopify is selling and implementing the idea of “Multi-Channel” or “Omni-Channel”, communication is absolutely an important interface because of the original intent of how people buy and sell things from the start.

I think the way Shopify implements this feature is simply trying to create an interactive catalog in Facebook Messenger, and a comparatively easy checkout flow, which might be suitable for some of the type of products.

The early version of this experiment is not as smart as we think, and even don’t reply to words out of their script (which seems pretty “stupid” compare with other bots in the market.", but what Shopify might be thinking of the TA of bots are positioned lower in the sales/marketing funnel, so they wouldn’t need too much fancy reactions or A.I. to “make customers browse and buy stuff”.

It is quite impressive and bold to make this move while most of the competitors in the market probably thinking of a much more complicate and smart bot.