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Selling NLP-NLU platform to DIY-chatbot company

Intoote is a Italian 5 years old company that develops a proprietary technology for the creation and management of conversational agents (web and app). Our customers are large companies and PA in Italy like Telecom Italia, Lactalis, EXPO2015 and others.

We are too small a company to be competitive in the global market and so we decided to sell our solution to a “bot building company” that wants to add or increase the natural language part of its (button-based bot) services.

We have developed a web-based technology that allows the creation and management of complex natural language bots (more than 500 Q&A) without coding and with an easy-to-learn methods. Our system relies on collaborative authoring, an efficient method of supervised machine learning starting from the dialogues log file, and on full control of linguistic features like synonyms and corpus.
With our solution a developer can easily, without coding, create and manage hundreds of Q&A concepts: more powerful than AIML (without coding) and more easy than and

Interested? To have more information, demos etc. please contact me at .
Best regards
Roberto Gilli