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Seeking Microsoft Framework Chatbot Developer

Hello! We are currently working on a couple of chatbot projects in the travel space… we’re looking for a freelance developer to work on one specific project, that includes a Q&A bot with basic responses, as well as a series of dialogues for a group of questions, that will have specific booking or actionable intents.

In additional to this, the project has the following requirements:

• Facebook broadcasting capabilities
• Content CMS for updates to content / knowledge base
• Tracking integrations (TBC)

We envisage that a significant proportion of the base code should be deliverable using the MS QandAMaker ( However, we require customisations on top of this.

We are looking for freelancers that have experience with the Microsoft Azure Framework and can deliver the above requirements… if that sounds like a good fit please message me here or

Many thanks!

Hi, I’m Babalola Oluwatobi Emmanuel, I’m not a Microsoft Framework Dev. but I can build your needed specification with Nodejs and

So if you’d like to give this a try and think it will work with your codebase, you can DM me or send an email to