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Search bot - does make any sense or not?

Hello all,
I was highly interested in bots and I created a bot helping people to search something by criteria - to understand what they are and how we can build them. It’s not very smart but it uses the “fuzzy logic” so even if you don’t know exactly how a brand spelled, it’s okay. Ideally such bot would accept and recognize the inputs like “I need convenient boots made of nubuck black or brown, size 8.5, of any brand” but currently such bot works as a normal sequence scenario-based bot. It asks you several questions like size, brand, rating, budget etc and looks for it’s database.

It’s done as a “platform” - so I can build any similar bot for any area easily - because it uses the “standard” steps and what you need to do is just to define which criteria you want to use and how - bot will do the rest. The only requirement is to have data in some MongoDB database (so far).

I’ve attached the couple of screenshots - one shows the process, the second one shows the result. (Currently bot works as a web single page app and runs on my computer but I can deploy it somewhere if someone would be interested).

So now the question is - what do you think, whether in the world could be interested in such kind of bots? I understand that now it has UX problems because you can’t change any criteria on the fly, but I have some ideas how to improve it… I just need to know if it’s worth any additional efforts or not.

Thanks everyone!