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Scientific papers about chatbot

Hi all,
I’m wondering if the chatbot are discussed even on scientific paper in conference or journal.
GoogleScholar proposes these papers during this year:,5

but I’m wondering if you know other or you are working on chatbot as you research area.


Hi Massimo, probably makes sense to look more into agent communication languages, dialogue theory, dialogue management, negotiation protocols, argumentation, etc - at least from the CS area. There is probably more work done on the agent to agent problem rather than the human to agent (bot) problem!

Hey Massimo,

When I last checked there was not a lot out there apart from the odd NLP PhD thesis which usually has a great lit review to start your research on the topic if it’s relevant.

We have been doing industry research for years now on areas such as virtual character development, trust and human experiences of AI. Focusing on the input rather the output.

There are some ok UX blogs and journals out there and on Chatbots magazine and while last year they were pretty shallow they are getting slowly deeper and have more substance. However these are often more opinion pieces rather than rigorous research. We only publish some of our findings and most large companies who do some amazing research in the field do the same. I’m sure that IBM, Google, Facebook and Microsoft all have amazing research on the topic. What is published from it and what remains part of their secret sauce is a different question.