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Scaling Chatbots for customers

We are developing a platform so that our customers can have a chatbot for their facebook page.

How do we get the bot app to connect to the customers page without the need for customer to add us to the page roles manually?

Hmm I’m not sure there’s another way unfortunately, seeing as you probably require admin rights to the page before you can subscribe your webhook to the page in the Facebook developer portal. :frowning: Or at least that’s what I think you’re talking about.

You have to use the Facebook Pages API.

Having spoken to FB about this, they are aware it’s causing pain to platforms/developers to not have an automated solution for this.

They didn’t suggest any timelines or proposed fixes, but it has caught their attention.


Are they thinking about close the door or open to everyone on Messenger API?

Just build a page that will do this for them, a simple Facebook Connect with manage pages permissions will do the trick. You can see this in action at ChatFuel.

You will have to get approval from facebook for this but that’s easy.


That then does it all under the same app id, which from what I understand is a method they currently accept but want to change in the future to each bot getting it’s own app id.

Did you the Facebook connect method?
I need the same thing…


Hey guys, finally got this sorted out.

Our developer built a button to link the a test account and ask for permission for “manage pages”.

Hope this didn’t come too late.


Another great way is to use a simple framework like botmaster -

Can scale very quickly! All that is required is for you to have the various verify tokens etc for the page :grinning:

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This is pretty neat! Do you now how extensible it is? Like if I wanted to add support for Kik, Discord, Skype, etc.

Sure the framework is pretty flexible -

It is an ongoing project that we will add new features to regularly, however feel free if you wish to create your own classes and we will integrate them into the core framework.

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