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Question regarding Natural Language processing

So, I’m familiar with and to parse messages and extract info.

How do you usually do the processing of the messages? By using those services? Others? Maybe open-source libs? Or something coded something from scratch?

I already used and IBM Watson.
They are pretty good to handle intents and entities.
If you want to use open source, I suggest you to start with NLTK lib for python.

So if you add to make a bot today, what would you use?

I use LUIS. It is similar to how wit does intent and entity classification. :point_right: If I need to learn more from the users
Watson :point_right: If it’s a close scope NLP. (few intents and some entities)
AIML or home made script :point_right: If it’s a chatbot with diverse topics, that Watson or Luis can’t handle the intents with accuracy.

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