Question about "Page_subscription" on Facebook Messenger

Hello All

My question : We have three option Page_messaging , Page_messagin phone number and Page_message_subscription
whether we need get all three should be submitted for approval to send and received message in our own Node js with MS bot framework bot.

When i am trying to host my bot to public internet using ngork and using NodeJs and MS bot framework to contact facebook. i am not receiving the message to bot.

The only one that will delay approval is the phone number one… Unless you are harvesting phone numbers from FB you probably don’t need that permission.

As far as your bot not receiving the message, have you set up your webhook with FB? Even if your code is borked you will still get a webhook hit as long as they haven’t disabled it which they do after 8hrs of a broken webhook.

Oh and zero approval is needed for your bot to actually work, we have a bunch of demo bots we send to potential clients in our funnel and even people with no role can see/interact with them.