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Pushing bot updates and error logging

How do you guys push updates of your Facebook Messenger bot when users are using it without breaking their experience?
Do you log error responses and based on that prompt users to refresh the bot?

Currently our backend is nodejs, so we restart the server at midnight unless its an important change. Our downtime is usually no more then second or two, so only slight hiccup for users.

Long term we plan on setting up a load balancer so if server goes down will redirect traffic to another server.

As for error logging we have logs outputted to folder on server we check. Critical errors are sent to special file and emailed to devs on team.

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Thanks Joseph! And how about pushing content updates of a bot?

Say 100 people are using our bot right now and I change the contents of the bot by for e.x. removing some quick replies buttons.
Some live users will have them already loaded when I update the bot without them. Then when they click it they get no response because the content is no longer there. This is what I meant by pushing bot updates.

I have to add I am not a dev. I just want to make sure our devs do it right to prevent possible problems with the bot users. Would you mind sharing how you approach this?

From the very beginning we setup our code to fail gracefully if it could not find the incoming command or if an error happens. So if we removed some content and some users are still using old content the system will see this and respond with either saying “I am sorry we don’t understand that command”, “Please type ‘help’ for more information”, or we just show them the default button menu.

Any incoming text has a filter applied before the system touches logic of any kind.

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