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PullString Author is done. Company is pivoting

(Carl) #1

I’ve recommended PullString Author as a great tool to build chatbots on here in the past. It was a graphical IDE to build, test, and publish conversations. Even though I’m a professional programmer, I found it was faster to develop 90% of my bots (or all, for the simpler ones) much faster than I could write code. It abstracted away the code to focus on the conversation.

Anyway, for those who haven’t heard, it’s a dead product now. PullString is pivoting to focus solely on voice, which was previously a small subset of their power. I don’t understand the change at all. My thoughts here if anyone is interested - The Death of PullString Author.

So to those using it - export your data with this tool on PullString’s Github. Everything on the free tier will be deleted December 1, 2017.

It’s a shame when great tools quit the market, especially one that was both approachable and powerful.