Proactive Chatbots

As you might know I am currently working on a healthcare chatbot name Florence (, and I’m experimenting with a lot of different features.
At the moment, I’m testing daily health tips. After you contacted Florence for the first time and talked a little bit with her you will get this news automatically until you unsubscribe. (Every health tip is send with an unsubscribe button)

What experience did you make with more proactive bots? Is it a good idea to make bots more proactive and what’s the best way to do it?

Hey @davidhawig this is very similar to what I’m doing with Eva at

I chatted with Florence a bit, I will wait to see the proactive dialogs and let you know some feedback then.

For Eva it’s working good so far, and helping keep engagement high. Are you targeting messages or just broadcasting the same message to all users? We tried both approaches and targeted messages oull a higher percentage of users.

PS: Your terms and conditions look awesome, could I borrow them and tweak them to fit, please?

Hey @hola
Thanks for your message.
I currently send the same health tip to every user, but I will definitely try personalized messages.
Of course you can use my terms and condition, but keep in mind I’m not a legal expert myself. So you have to use it on your own risk ;-).

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