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Post a link to the chatbot you are currently working on!

(Elicia Banks-Gabriel) #102

VERY INTERESTED!!! Awesome thought … can’t wait to see it.

(dmitriy.landberg) #103

BayAreaTravelDealsBot sends an occasional notifications regarding travel deals around Bay Area

(daiangan) #104

Hi guys, I am working on a FB Messenger bot called ProxyBag, it sends you a list of working proxies ready to be used to keep your anonymity safe online.

I hope it can help to someone looking for this services. Please let me know your opinions.

( #105

Firstly, click the Links button at: for

some chatbot samples. And here is a home-made

robot with a message in a bottle, (which I am building):

(Avery Barry) #106

The bot I am working on aims to revolutionize the way we network. So you can search for registered users and, upon their approval, add them on Facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and get their phone number and email all in one exchange. It aims to organize the clutter of contact information we currently have today, check it out!

(hartley.brody) #107

The first bot I’ve really released is StockBot:

Like others, I wanted to build a simple bot in a limited domain, just to get my feet wet and test out the process of building something for the platform. It was really interesting coming from a web background handling conversational state and designing the UX/conversational flows.

So far it has chatted with a few hundred people, so I think it’s doing quite well! :smiley:

(Thomas Kapp) #108

This one is called Henk. He is a true nerd with the single purpose of helping people using plastics in the automotive industry to find the right product offered by it’s parent company:
Henk proved to be helpful in his very niche for some months now. If you don’t know about plastics, it won’t - like any true nerd - be very helpful though…

(daiangan) #109

ColoretoBot is a Messenger chatbot that can help you with multiple tools from a given color.
Just send the color hex code (for example #009FFF) or if you want, the bot can also suggest you some nice random one.
It gives you color palettes, triadic colors, complementary, analogous and much more to help you with your creativity,

You can also save colors to favorites.

(mikael.hogqvist) #110

Hi, we are working on a Messenger bot to help people with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s. It can do some basic conversation and answer questions about the condition itself. We have also implemented flows for reminders and lifestyle tracking. Feel free to check it out at, and any feedback is welcome!

(Johannes Vlk) #111

We are working on VentureTips a website and messenger chatbot around startup advice. Easily find answers or submit questions with our Messenger Chatbot. We also feature experts in AMAs.

The more content we create, the smarter our bot gets. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

(Arafat Tehsin) #112

Hello friends!

We’re currently working on a few demos;

  1. VeriBot (This bot works like a customer services agent / presales staff that books appointments with relationship manager of a bank or offers Loan to the customers). We’re also using our flagship NBA (Next Best Action) technique to incorporate the x-factor in customer experience. :slight_smile:
  2. CurrencyBot (This bot offers the FX rates to the customers along with the discounts)

Above bots will soon be able to identify customer satisfaction index, recognize cheque and ID card images and would minimize the effort of dealing with an actual staff.

(jefflcarroll) #113

It’s a simple gift card shopping/sharing experience, but the flow actually works and we think it fits the Messenger platform perfectly.

You can check it out here:

The inherently social nature of messaging really got us thinking about building a bot worthy of sharing, an egifting experience that feels familiar. In doing so we believe gifting became a whole lot easier and the first useful ecommerce bot is born.

Thanks for the feedback!

(altafr) #114

we created a version of our BOT which is a work in progress - its a typical customer service bot which tells people about out educational startup tinytapps software( and educates them about product, its features and answers to common questions.

Direct link:…&token=2971748788ee6b4df6201b8346ac8c0d

(beth.madden) #115

This is very cool, I signed up for notifications :slight_smile:

(arpit1) #116

Hi Everyone,

We are working on - Bottr. It is a framework to create personal chatbots - a simple one.

@dtsirikos I so completely agree with you. Earlier, we included DM or Direct message when the bot cannot answer. When the user replies it learns from the response. This way the bot gets smarter. But now, the bot proposes to chat directly with the person or business. We made this change based on user feedback.

(strujac.alexandru) #117

Hi Guys,

I createad a bot for my agency where i work.

The scope of this bot is to make easier the interaction between users and agency. I created the bot in chatfuel.

Please give me some feedback. Thank you.