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Post a link to the chatbot you are currently working on!

(Sam Ursu) #62

Since bots live on FB Pages, how can you integrate more than one player?

(Sam Ursu) #63

Hello everybody,

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure (a kind of “book” RPG for those of you who aren’t familiar) stories when I was a kid, so my first bot is a CYOA game. It’s kid-friendly but fun for adults too. The story/game here is the user helps a 12-year-old boy named Rogelio Price (the bot!) navigate his way around on the first day of school.

Been a ton of fun to write/code/develop! :smile:

(Luciano Bertenasco) #64

Hey Sam!

It’s quite easy but not perfect.

When you start a game you add your party members into the lobby (by facebook username or id)
All users should have the bot enabled.

And when they talk each of the users will get something like this:

User1 -> Bot: Hello!

Bot -> Lobby: User1 said: Hello!

(kedalion.daimon) #65

I built - and continuously improve - this thing:

  • It is actually GPL-led, so you can get the source here:
  • Soon I will be posting also variants of it, e.g. in QB64/FreeBasic, Prolog and C.

I am not into “chatbots” as such, rather, I am into “general AI”. I just happen to love chatbots as a “game with open rules” and as a suitable test vehicle.

(Anastasia Sartan) #66

Hi! I’m Anastasia Sartan and we built Epytom.
We simplify fashion. To look awesome everyday you need just 40 pieces in your wardrobe and Epytom bot that sends you personalized look!
It’s 200,000 of us who look smart everyday and don’t think about it :slight_smile:


(Sheba Mayer) #67

My work in progress: gift shopping made easy, anything on Amazon.
My next bot is almost complete, coming soon!

(abhimanyu) #68

Working on - a personal chat bot platform :slight_smile:

Please share your feedback/suggestions!

(TaijaQ) #69

Hi everyone! My bot is called Nitbit, a personal assistant based on Hubot and written in CoffeeScript. It runs on a Raspberry Pi and I use it through Slack. Here’s a link to the Github page:

Right now, it has a few scripts for learning curse words and getting annoyed by memes (which causes it to stop replying until you properly apologize), as well as listing Slack files in a neat format.

It’s VERY much a work-in-progress, as I haven’t had much time for personal projects since getting hired.

However, my plan is to make it a fully-fetched assistant which is integrated with other services I use and my home automation system (which is based on OpenHab). It will manage my files and code snippets and have a rudimentary project management system. I want it to be able to talk back to me and change its responses based on my positivity.

Hardware-wise, I have a small LCD screen I want to attach to the RasPi to convey some simple information (in a manner I’ve compared to Tamagochi) and also use Text-To-Speech through a little toy dog I have that outputs audio and lip-syncs to it.

(Nei Fonseca) #70

Hi, for learning purposes i made a personal bot called Mebot and another for a friend’s facebook page, he is a party producer.
We give a try using the chatbot to promote one of his parties that will happen next week, and had great feedback.

Both are in portuguese and maded using Chatfuel.


(brad.landthorn) #71

Hi Everyone! Our team launched bot-based | AI-Enhanced Customer Service the past week. Our software will allow your bot to support and respond to FAQs. Thanks for trying and great to meet you all.

(Bartley Sharkey) #72

Great idea - love the concept and its potential although after just six questions I get a sense that Joy is incredibly negative - maybe your bot could start with more of a mix of positive and negative questions to avoid it getting so heavy so quickly!

(Will Thomsen) #73

Hi all! We’re now in beta with Ledgee, a personal finance chatbot blending multiple mediums (text, visuals, voice) into one user experience. For example, you might start a conversation with Alexa, then move to SMS to see a chart or additional detail relevant to the conversation.

We’re also focused on personalizing the experience. Ledgee learns as you interact, offering customized suggestions, notifications and driving conversation towards topics you show interest in.

You can interact with Ledgee through Messenger, SMS and Alexa.

Go check it out, join our beta, and DM your thoughts. Thanks!

(rafael) #74

First off, Thank you Matt for all the amazing work you have done!

Here’s my latest project:

Out as a Beta – This is a Test Bench Bot to be pivoted later as something else.

AMAChat bot will help you to connect and network with other engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, researches and business leaders working in the tech sector. Its aim is to foster direct interaction and the opportunity to ask questions, share feedback, and geek out with the world’s most interesting makers and enthusiasts.

(Lewwwk) #75

Been working from the belief that bots will have a particularly useful role in helping people take care of themselves and each other.

Partner helps you track what’s important to you, get advice and help others. Part bot, part community, it’s your sidekick in the adventure of life.


(davidhawig) #76

Hello everybody. I’m working on Florence ( Florence is a healthcare chatbot. She can remind your medication, check your symptoms, find a doctor for you or tell you more about a disease. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

(Cristina Santamarina) #77

Eva finally speaks English!!

(nina) #78

Hi guys!

My team and I are working on Yodel ( The phone system for smart voice communication that joins your team chat as a bot. With Yodel, you can collaborate in chat systems like Slack on phone calls. Our chatbot serves as receptionist --> it answers calls, gives you insights about the call(er) and pushes it to you and your applications.

If you get the chance, please try Yodel out (free trial). We are still building our product and heavily rely on constructive feedback with which we can build a better service!

(indrek.vainu) #79

Hey all, we built a bot for our customer where you can search for cars (they are a car sales site) based on mark, model, price, mileage + book car maintenance times.

(yarivadam) #80

Hi everyone!
I built a Messenger bot for connecting to your Evernote account. You can create a new note right from Messenger, add photos and audio, a title and tags, and the note will appear in your Evernote account.
One special thing about this bot is its smart search feature: it will search your notes with the Evernote search, but if that doesn’t find what you need, it will use a smart algorithm to guess your note using its tags or title.
For example, if you tag a note with “hot chocolate”, you can then search (right from Messenger) for “marshmallows”, and boom! your Hot Chocolate note pops up. Another example: if you title your note “Appalachian trail”, and you send “find hiking” to the bot - your Appalachian Trail note pops up.
Check it out here: Tags Chatbot

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(Joseph Burchett) #81

Will you be adding support for Google Keep soon? I stopped using Evernote for it.