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(Dennis Yang) #42

Hey everyone… we’ve built a platform for analytics for chatbots. Check it out here, at We’ve just pushed over 70M messages today, so we’re quite excited about that.

As for bots, the way we started off in this whole space was by launching our own bot, GameMonk, which is when we realized that analytics was such a big need in our space.

Let me know if you have any questions!

(chris2) #43

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a food and cooking chatbot called JULIA that helps cooks figure how to cook specific ingredients and also suggests recipes.

It’s a text-based chatbot that can help with simple kitchen requests like providing instructions for how to cook quinoa or giving times and temperatures for certain vegetables or meats. You can try it by texting 914-915-8542 or sending messages via FB Messenger (search for “cookwithjulia”).

You can also sign up for updates at


(christophe.lassuyt) #44

Hello everyone :grinning:

We created Neomy a few months ago, got 15’000 users in the money transfer industry.
Neomy is a refreshing bot in the financial industry, she sends alerts when the exchange rates have significant changes, and interacts a lot with users.
The facebook messenger bot is here: still in development

Fun fact: many users have fallen in love with her… :heart_eyes:
Design fact: the current images used are going to change in a few days/weeks :sweat_smile:

(rpganesshkumar) #45

I recently wrote, Git Reminder, a telegram bot that will remind you to make a code commit to Github everyday.

(Julian Ustiyanovych) #46

Hi botmakers :slight_smile:

My name is Julian and we are working on Ainstein, an AI learning assistant, which is in private beta right now:

Ainstein is a personalised learning assistant that learns from your expirience and help you learn smarter. It knows how much time you spend on learning and adjust, so you can learn more efficiently.

Moreover, Ainstein, know what is the best way to learn, how much time is the best for you to spend on learning and what online courses are the best.

We do believe that this is a time when everyone can have a smart friend, like Albert Einstein :slight_smile: sitting over there - directly in your pocket that you can always ping when you want to learn a new technologies/subjects. It will help you to learn smart and motivate you to do it constantly.

We already being partnered with Treehouse and, so working very hard to create a smart, personalised learning assistant for EVERYONE in this World, that always have a time for you and alway support you on a way to improve and educate yourself :wink:

If you want to participate in private beta, please ping Ainstein here

(josh) #47 delivers conversational analytics to Slack

(maillot.valentin) #48

Sentinel is a personal Amazon price tracker living as a FB Messenger Bot.

  1. Send it a product link ( / /
  2. Set a threshold for price alert
  3. Sentinel will ping you if the product price reaches that threshold :sunglasses:

We’d love your feedback !

(Vianney Brandicourt) #49

Bot enthusiasts!

Looking for candid, constructive feedback on JimmyBot, our first public iteration of a playful real-estate Facebook chatbot.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

(ashley.e.cribb) #50

Ok guys this is really just a concept beta and I will be restructuring the welcome screen to add the buttons and have better flow like I have seen from Poncho. Was basically going to take most of the FAQ’s from the University and also navigation/way finding questions so that people can get around campus. Basically want to take the campus map and all of the FAQ’s from all departments so that a student/parent/faculty/staff can talk to the bot to receive their answers.

You can type:
James Hall
Financial Aid

These are mostly what I have put in the system so far.

example you can say, “How to apply for financial aid?” and it will answer… It’s rough but it’s a start.


(Max Pelzner) #51

I just built and launched a Gary Vee persona chatbot on Product Hunt!

Ask him a question here → Ask Gary Vee on Messenger

** I spent 3 days grinding on this. Would love to get some feedback! :wink:

(mauro.goncalo) #52

Quick question, how do you do the natural language processing?

(Spencer Yang) #53

We built and are constantly improving Digest.AI - Digests of your most important conversations in Slack and other tools

Started with Slack, powered by own AI summarization engine built from ground up. We want to provide summarization as a superpower and here’s why:

(travis) #54

Hey guys, we’re working on a last mile problem @ – we’re building a bot specifically for Content Creators and Creatives to help them interact and transact w/ their fans. All feedback greatly appreciated!

(Zach Mathew) #55

Hi all! I’m working on - a Slack based bot to improve meetings within an company. Currently just focuses on booking meetings and a few fun features (eg. notifying people late for meetings).

(Arik Marmorstein) #56

Hi All, I’m Arik and I’m working on BlingChat, which helps you discover, show and learn about engagement rings. Cheers, and good luck to all you bot makers out there!

(brian) #57

Hi all - we’re working on Lea (Live Event Assistant). Lea makes concert discovery and ticket purchasing super simple by scanning your Spotify history and suggesting concerts based on your location. Ticket purchasing can be done in the chat, without needing to go to a third party site. We’d love your feedback!

Also, we’re looking for a full-stack developer in SF, with expertise in Node.JS. We’re backed by 500 Startups and some other cool people :-), so if you love live music/events and think you can help, DM me!

(Tiago Araújo) #58

Hi everyone! I’m co-founder of HiJiffy where we’re working on a messenger concierge service for the hospitality industry. Within many features through our bot guests can book a room, request hotel services, receive notifications of daily events or seek for advice while sightseeing.

You can test our demo here. All the feedback is welcome.

Thanks Tiago

(lawbot) #59

Hi Matt, thanks for the invite to this group!

We’ve created the world’s most advanced chatbot lawyer: LawBot

Currently, we cover 26 major criminal offences. If you think you may have been the victim of a crime, simply talk to LawBot to learn more about the criminal law and how it applies to you.

Talking to our AIML-based chatbot, you will be able to understand the law and what it means for you. You can then decide which available legal actions you want to pursue with a qualified solicitor.

Please take a look – and if you leave feedback, you could win a £25 Sainsburys voucher, oooh!

(steve.handel) #60

I did a search on virtual Gary Johnson, but couldn’t find it. Would it be possible to get a link? Thanks

(Jeff Aydelotte) #61

Pullstring developed a bot for the TV show Humans which you can interact with at Persona Synthetics.

The show is about a parallel present in which people have created androids referred to as “synths” who are used to do a wide range of tasks. The show follows a group of synths who have consciousness, and they’re trying to survive and help their fellow synths. The bot is a synth customer service rep who develops consciousness in the middle of your service call.

You can read more about the bot campaign from Channel 4.