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Post a link to the chatbot you are currently working on!

(Juraj Pal) #22

Hey everyone! I’m working on Sure, a chatbot for spot on food and drink recommendations:
As always your feedback is very important to us, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch :raised_hands:

(shea) #23


Our chatbot, Drops, lets you roundup any credit/debit card purchase and donate the change to charity.

We’re based out of Los Angeles and partnered with US banks only, but hoping to expand to other countries soon!

(kippy) #24

Hey everyone!

Our team at recently launched a bot for companies built on Slack that helps you get to better know your teammates by pairing people up to meet for :coffee:, :hamburger:, or :doughnut:. We’d love to hear what you think!

We’re also exploring other areas of employee engagement/culture/HR we can help better serve with bots including onboarding. Reach out if you have any ideas or interest!

(Sandeep) #25

We at work on Card-IQ bot that helps you stay in touch with all the people you meet at Conferences.

(Mike Melanin) #26

Hey everyone!
My name is Mike and I’m co-founder of STATSBOT.CO – an Analytical bot for Slack. Top1 bot for Slack with 17 000 companies onboard.

We are based in San Francisco and finishing our 500startups program.

(Mauricio Morales) #27


Tibah is an SMS bot that acts as your own personal sidekick. It keeps track of your fitness and diet goals and promotes and overall healthier lifestyle.

Although my team is currently sticking to health and fitness at the moment, we hope that we can expand to other areas of our user’s lives. Feedback is very much appreciated or if you’re interested in trying it out shoot me a message!

(juhan) #28

Hey guys, I’m a co-founder of a chatbot website building startup Weps.
With Weps, the user can create a simple one-page responsive website in a matter of minutes, without having to do any coding or drag’n’drop.

We’re currently part of Axel Springer Plug and Play accelerator in Berlin and our long-term vision is to turn Weps into a bot that can help small business owners with all their activities regarding their business’s online activites.
Check it out at
I would really appreciate all thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:
Email me at or tweet @juhankaarma

(lex) #29

Hi everyone,

We are working on Lewis. A virtual travel concierge. Someone to help you when you travel. The service of a 5-star hotel’s concierge. For free. In your pocket. On your favorite messaging app.

We are pre launch, but you can get a little background right here: (a better domain, is in “coming soon” mode)

gr, LEX

(danny) #30

I’m working on Joy (, a bot that helps you track and improve your mental wellness. Joy is like an interactive diary that can talk back and help you feel like the best version of yourself.

Based on your conversation with Joy, she calculates a series of different scores to determine how you’re feeling and offers you tips on ways to feel more relaxed, happy etc. Over time, Joy will start to learn more about your mood patterns and can begin to offer you personalized recommendations based on methods that have/have not worked in the past for you.

(Marie Dorange) #31

Hi, I am working on Opla, a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs. Opla is currently a chatbot creating and managing websites from A to Z and giving advises. We are in beta on Facebook Messenger.

(Sachin Bhatnagar) #32

Built a simple task reminder bot for a course on ChatBots that I’m working on these days. Not a public example though. Will be beginning work on a restaurant recommendation bot for my city very soon.

(harry) #33

Still very much in beta, Drinkeasy helps you discover and buy hard-to-find liquor - from a small batch gin for your cocktails to a $2000 bottle of scotch. Think of it like a sommlier in your pocket.

Would love to get your feedback on the onboarding experience.

(Patrick Raymond) #34

Richter helps people in Earthquake/tsunami country prepare themselves with educational information, plans and other useful resources.

Currently on Facebook Messenger.

(Elicia Banks-Gabriel) #35

OMG I :heart: PennyCat! It’s so nice not to have to go “coupon hunting” on sketchy sites any more. Really, really, really great attention to creative and building the brand too. Well done!

(Luciano Bertenasco) #36

I’m currently prototyping a Dungeons & Dragons game you can play with your friends via messenger.
Since game mechanics are quite complex I’ve started designing it on paper and when I have a solid .alpha I’ll put everything on code.

This is a weekends project and anyone interested is more than welcome to join :slight_smile:

(munlyleong) #37

I’ve been building this but it is far from ready for public testing/use yet. We do have an MVP link just for funding purposes but otherwise its all a bit of mess right now, although the bots (plural) are more functional than many released bots I’ve tested.

I was also building a bot of the Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson (look up virtual gary johnson on FB) and had some support within the campaign but the digital guys who had final sign off got back to me way too late and at this point his campaign is about over. I’m still looking to spend a weekend or two cleaning it up and releasing it as a portfolio project soon. Maybe even while it still could be useful before voting time lol

(Leo Kangin, Founder of PennyCat) #38

Elicia, thank you for the kind words about PennyCat chatbot :slight_smile: I’ll print it and put it on my desk!:heart_eyes:

(Vinay Chandra) #39

Try the HelpBOT @ and chat with the Avatar Bot.

(Chris Comrie) #40

Hi! I (had help and) built a bot that helps college students find entry level jobs. We had 400 incoming messages in the first 48 hours. It is built in Messenger and works great. The job search process is so painful so we decided to make it frictionless. It is a great use case of where we put the strengths of a bot to use. For example you do not have to input what kind of jobs you are looking for every time, it simply returns the jobs most relevant for you! It is still a work in progress but our users love us at NCSU, UNC, and DUKE. Any College Basketball fans in the house???

(Chris Comrie) #41

and of course the link is